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Racing together since 2011, Up 2 Speed Customs is a close group of "Average Joes" who love all aspects of the Forza universe. This tuning calculator is built and maintained by U2SC Members for U2SC members to use in Forza Motorsport & Horizon on Xbox One (XBox Club "U2SC Up 2 Speed Customs"), and we gladly keep this open for anyone to use. We do not charge for access or make any money from ads (nor do we plan on it). Please provide feedback for the tuning calc on the U2SC Discord Community. Your feedback is important to us, and we have an awesome little community too!

Choose Your Version!

Please be advised that we are working on changing the way the U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator is set up. Until now, we've been supporting all versions of Forza in one calculator. We are now working on splitting up the calculators by Forza Version. You might find that all versions are the same right now, but they will be changing over August/September 2017!

Forza Motorsport 7 Tuning Calculator (FM7-TC)

Version 1.0 is now Live We're proud to release version 1.0 of the FM7 Tuning Calculator. We are continuing devlopement for this version of the U2SCFTC, and a link to it is now availible below. You can also click here to go to the beta as well. Please provide all feedback on the U2SC Discord Community in the #tuning_calc_help channel

Forza Horizon 3 Tuning Calculator (FH3-TC)

Works with both Imperial (US) and Metric! ON and Off Road calculation options. Note: The off-road tuning may vary depending on the car and the range of settings.

Forza Motorsport 6 & Horizon 2 Tuning Calculator (FM6-TC)

This version of the tuning calculator also supports FH2. It should also work with FM5 and below, but more fine tuning will be needed. There is also an "Offroad" option here intended for FH2, but can be used for FM6 (FM6 results may vary).

Classic U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator (CLA-TC)

This is the classic version of the U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator for FM6, FH2, FM5 and FM4. It uses a different set of formulas and does NOT support metric units. For FM5/FM4, more fine tuning will be needed over FM6/FH2.

Beta Tuning Calculator (BETA-TC)

This is the beta version of the tuning calculator, and is where we test all of the tuning goodness before we release it to everyone else. Most members of the U2SC Community run this version of the calculator to help test and to receive all of the goodness before everyone else! It will always be linked to the latest version of Forza Motorsport/Horizon.

FM7 Development ACTIVE - See Version History below for more information!

Forza Resources

Here you will find a collection of resources to assist in the upgrading and tuning for Forza Motorsport and Horizon, as well as using the U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator. More will be added to this section over time, and if there are resources you'd like to see shared, please provide feedback on the U2SC Discord.

U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator General Information & Training
FM7 Resources
FH3/FM6 Resources
Other Resources
General Information
  • Suspension/Alignment/Differential Calculations, PHP Code & Web Page Design, by justLou72 (BG55.com)
  • Base Gear Box Calculations, by Beefsupreme42 & justLou72 (PHP Formulas, by justLou72)
  • As always, testing is perfromed by the awesome U2SC Team. We also have an XBox Club "U2SC Up 2 Speed Customs".
U2SC Version History
  • FM7-TC v3.2.70: 16-NOV-2017
    • LIVE: This is the first MAJOR update to the FM7-TC
      • NEW!!! Added Setup Types (Stiff, Balanced, Soft) to provided several tuning starting points. The biggest difference between then will be seen with Anti-Roll Bars and Damping, but there are also slight changes in Spring Rates and Camber between the setups.
      • NEW!!! Added reset check boxes making it easier to reset all fine-tuning and/or custom transmission data to default values.
      • NEW!!! Added back the Power to Weight Ratio data point to the output form. This was a part of the output data in previous version, and we decided it was a useful datapoint when compairing build/tunes for the same car.
      • Update: Moving/Removing output data
      • Update: The following formulas have beeing updated/Tweaked: Tire Pressure; Spring Rate; ARB; Damping; Camber; Toe; Differential; Brakes.
      • Patch: There is an issue with the gearbox formula where higher RPM engines with lower power outputs output gearbox numbers that are either not possible to set or do not work at all. This patch will should correct this issue. Report any additional issues to the U2SC Discord.
    • BETA: Continuing with testing multiple setup types, as well as the following...
      • Gearbox formulas are being looked at for the issues patched above as well as other tweaks/improvements
      • Digging deeping into how tires impact tuning numbers
      • Reviewing the setup types naming and settings
      • Looking into Oval tuning (very early on this one)
  • FM7-TC v3.1.70: 10-OCT-2017
    • LIVE: This is the first release of the U2SC-FM7-TC, and is a slightly modified version of the U2SC-FM6-TC.
      • Adjustments to how ARBs are calculated based on tire compound, drive type, and how they play with the updated FM7 physics
      • Some tweaks to the Camber base values and to the form layout were also completed
    • BETA: FM7-FTC development is now isolated in the BETA-FTC.Updated/Tweaked Camber, Toe, Differential, and ARB formulas are being tested, as well as a few other little tid-bits and fixes.
  • FM7-TC v3.0.70: 29-SEP-2017
    • BETA RELEASED:FM7 Tuning Calculator Development Kicked off by migrating the FM6-FTC code to the FM7-FTC (with minor form/formula tweaks). After preliminary tuning session, we've found that FM6 tuning is VERY similar to FM7. Until we have a full release, the link to the FM7 tuning calc goes to the Beta tuning calc.
  • U2SC Tuning Calculator Split & Dev Update: 03-AUG-2017
    • MAJOR FORM UPDATE: The different versions of Forza now have their own version of the U2SC Tuning Calulator. As new versions of Foza are released, new versions of the calculator will be created, as it's become too complex/frustrating to support all versions of Forza in one version. There are now specific calculators for FM6/FH2 (v3.x.62 U2SC-FM6-TC), FH3 (v3.x.63 U2SC-FH3-TC), FM7 (v3.x.70 U2SC-FM7-TC), and there is also the classic version we'll just refer to as U2SC-FTC16.
    • Previous Version Development: Apart from fixing any major issues, development has stopped on all previous versions of the calculator. This includes FH3, FM6/FH2 and "Classic" versions of the FTC. All development has shifted to FM7.
  • U2SC-FTC v2.2.0: 09-MAY-2017
    • MAJOR REVISION: Rewoked tuning between FM6/FH2 and FH3 (some of the tuning ranges are different). Overhauled/reworked several calculations!
    • MAJOR FORM UPDATE: Reworked several sections to work better when viewed used on a tablet or phone. Square tires Front/Rear (copy front tire width to the rear)
  • U2SC-FTC v2.1.5: 31-Jan-2017 - Metric Support Finally Released ... \o/ YAY \o/
  • U2SC-FTC v2.0.1: 13-Oct-2016 - FH3 Support Released
  • U2SC-FTC v2.0.0: 10-Mar-2016 - Verson 2.0 Released
  • U2SC-FTC v1.6.0: 29-Feb-2016 - Final Version using the old Formulas, which is still availible as the "Classic v1.6" version
  • U2SC-FTC v1.5.0: 28-Oct-2015 - FM6 Support Released
  • U2SC-FTC v1.0.0: 04-May-2015 BiggLou55's "Lou-ne-tuner" is rebranded and becomes the U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator (was originally a pet project before becoming a community calculator).

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