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Racing together since 2011, Up 2 Speed Customs is a close group of "Average Joes" who love all aspects of the Forza universe. This tuning calculator is built and maintained by U2SC Members for U2SC members to use in Forza Motorsport & Horizon on Xbox One, and we gladly keep this open for anyone to use. We do not charge for access or make any money from ads (nor do we plan on it). Please provide feedback on the tuner HERE. Your feedback is important to us!

NOTE: Are you interested in helping us test out new and improved features for the U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator? If so, please click HERE to head over to the latest BETA version of the calculator.

Vehicle Data Input Form

All of the data input below is used to calculate the base tune, so please enter all of the data correctly. Remember that this is a BASE tune. There will be fine tuning needed to mate the base tune to your driving style. The Transmission data is optional.

*Note: "Offroad & Rally Tuning" is intended for FH2 & FH3. "Off-Road", "Rally", or "Storm Island" (in FH2) parts (suspension & tires) should be used, as there are differences in the min/max values in FM3. "Offroad & Rally Tuning" can be used to calculate tunes for certain FM6 "Off-road" or "Rally" style vehicles (lots of fun at VIR and the Test Track).

Vehicle Tuning Data

Suspension Fine Tuning (Optional)

Enter the strength in the form of whole percentage. The accepted Range is 1 to 200 (in increments of 1), where 100 = 100%. 100% represents default calculator output.

Transmission Tuning (Race Trans ONLY)

"Top Speed", "# Gears" and "Redline RPM" are all required if Transmission tuning is desired. Leave at ZERO (0) if Transmission tuining is not desired.

ADVANCED Gearbox Tuning: The Custom Gear Ratios (Final Drive & 1st Gear) and 1st Gear Top Speed sections are completely OPTIONAL!

The Tune

Below you will find your tuning results. These results are balanced starting points based on several factors (total weight, weight balance, drive type, downforce, etc.). Fine tuning will be needed to adapt to your driving style and/or preferences. If there are any issue or problems with the tune, please contact justLou72 & Beefsupreme42 on the Up 2 Speed Customs discord.

FM6/FH2 Circuit & Street Tuning (Imperial)
Tire Settings Front Rear
Tire Pressure: X psi X psi
Gear Ratios
Final Drive: X
Ratios: (1) X - (2) X - (3) X - (4) X - (5) X - (6) X
Alignment Settings Front Rear
Camber: X X
Toe (F/R): X X
Caster: X
Suspension Settings Front Rear
Anti-Roll Bars: X X
Spring Rates: X X
Ride Height: X X
Rebound: X X
Bump: X X
Downforce (input): 0 0
Brake Settings Balance Force
Race Brakes: X% X%
Differential Settings Front Rear
Acceleration: 40 45
Deceleration: 0 10
Center Balance: 65
Vehicle & Form Input Data Sheet
Input Units Imperial
Tune Information FM6/FH2 Circuit & Street Tuning
Drive Type & Tire Compound Stock
Tire Sizes (F/R) (f) 0/0R0 (r) 0/0R0
Max Power & Torque 0 hp 0 lb-ft
Weight (lbs/% front) 0 lbs 0%
Ride Height (F/R) (f) X (r) X
Downforce (F/R) (f) 0 lbs (r) 0 lbs
Spring & ARB Stiffness Spr: 100% ARB: 100%
Rebound & Bump Stiffness Rebnd: 100% Bump: 100%
Top Speed (TS in 1st) 0 mph (0.00 mph 1st)
Redline RPM & # of Gears 0 rpm 6 speed
General Information
  • Suspension/Alignment/Differential Calculations, PHP Coding & Web Page Design, by justLou72
  • Base Gear Box Calculations, by Beefsupreme42 (PHP Formulas, by justLou72)
  • Testing by the U2SC community (special shout out to Beef, Sniper, Dan, Fraid, Shneeb, Svenna, JJRedman, Basic, & Zerg for all their testing & input, as it was/is a HUGE help)
Version History
  • v2.2.0: 09-MAY-2017
    • MAJOR REVISION: Rewoked tuning between FM6/FH2 and FH3 (some of the tuning ranges are different). Overhauled/reworked several calculations!
    • MAJOR FORM UPDATE: Reworked several sections to work better when viewed used on a tablet or phone. Square tires Front/Rear (copy front tire width to the rear)
  • v2.1.0: 31-JAN-2017
  • v2.0.1: 29-JUN-2016
  • v1.6.0: 29-Feb-2016 - Still availible as the "Classic v1.6" version
  • v1.5.1: 16-Dec-2015
  • v1.5.0: 28-Oct-2015
  • v1.4.0: 22-Oct-2015
  • v1.3.0: 08-Sep-2015
  • v1.2.0: 09-Jul-2015
  • v1.0.0: 04-May-2015 BiggLou55's "Lou-ne-tuner" is rebranded and becomes the U2SC Forza Tuning Calculator (was originally a pet project before becoming a community calculator).

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